The BondBuddy Process


  • 100's of Applications Processed Daily
  • High Approval Rate
  • Rapid Process
  • Lowest interest rates and bond transfer costs
  • 100% FREE service

Who we can help

  • Full-time employee
  • Self-employed
  • Require a building loan to extend your current home, or build a new home
  • Trust
  • Non-individual (business)
  • Foreign nationals
  • Affordable Housing

It's best to apply with us before you start searching for a home. We'll get you an upfront pre-approval within hours with an amount that you qualify for. By coming to us first before you sign an offer-to-purchase on a home will ensure you get a discounted rate on your bond transfer costs, helping you to save a considerable sum of money.

Depending on what stage you are at, the application process will start at either one of the following points:

AI'd like to get a Pre-Approval before i start searching for a property

If you are considering purchasing a home but would first like to see what amount you could qualify to borrow, then submit an application here. Apply

BI've found a property that i'd like to buy and now need a home loan

If you have already found a property and signed an Offer-to-Purchase on it, and now need your home loan to be approved, then submit an application here. Apply

Here's How it Works

Buying a home can be stressful as there are many stages and requirements that need to be fulfilled before you take ownership of your property. With the BondBuddy home loan application process, our experts will manage almost all of the process for you, making the entire experience super-fast and easy.


Step 1

Complete an application form online via our website, and upload your payslip or proof of income as well as a copy of your identity document, and 3 months latest bank statements. If you're not a South African Citizen then we may ask for additional documents. (If you have already found a property you intend to purchase, then we would need a copy of the 'Offer to Purchase' document showing the details of the property). All information in your application form must be accurate and truthful.

Step 2

Upon receiving your application, we'll immediately assign you with your very own personal bond originator who will manage your entire application until completion. We'll contact you to discuss your requirements as well as explain the options and products available to you.


Step 3

We'll carry out a 'soft search' credit check on your personal and financial profile to assess your eligibility for the loan. If all is satisfactory we'll scan the market to source a bank that is best suited to your exact requirements. Your application will be submitted to the relevant bank/s for review and further processing.

Step 4

We will work hard to get your loan approved at the best rate and terms possible. Upon approval, property transfer and various other legal procedures will follow. Municipalities, deeds office and other parties will be involved in finalising the sale and registration of your property.


Why Use BondBuddy

  • Fully compliant
  • We've got the power and expertise to get your loan approved
  • Access to major banks
  • We'll help you every step of the way

Save a considerable sum of money - we'll get you the best rate as well as the best bond transfer fees in the market.

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