We work very closely with a team of highly skilled Transferring Attorneys. We offer the service of these Attorneys to our clients to give them the best possible chance of speeding up the purchasing procedure, at a discounted fee. By using our Attorneys you'll be able to whiz through the bond transfer procedure in no time at all, as well as save a considerable sum of money in the procedure.

procedure preceding the property transfer procedure

1An offer to purchase needs to be concluded by seller and purchaser.

2After signature of the offer to purchase, the purchaser needs to obtain the necessary bond finance to enable him to purchase the property.

3As soon as the purchaser's bond finance is in place, the conveyancing firm can start with the transferring procedure.

The transferring procedure includes the following steps from date the conveyancer receives the offer to purchase until date of registration

1Offer to purchase received by conveyancer.

2 Both seller and purchaser will be contacted to obtain the necessary information and documentation required for the transfer to take place.

3Bond cancellation figures are requested from the seller's current bond on the property(if applicable).

4 Rates clearance figures are requested from the municipality concerned (which figures are payable by the seller) as well as levy clearance figures from the body corporate in the event that the property in question is a sectional title unit.

5 Transfer documents are drafted and both seller and purchaser will be contacted to arrange for signature.

6 Guarantees will be requested from the bond attorneys in order to settle the seller's current bond(if applicable) the bond attorneys will be appointed by the relevant bank providing the bond finance to the purchaser after the bond has been finally granted.

7 In the event that transfer duty is payable to SARS on the transaction, transfer duty will be paid and the conveyancer will obtain receipt of payment.  Property transactions with a purchase price below R750 000.00 are exempt from transfer duty. From R750 000.00 and above transfer duty is calculated accordingly – the amount of transfer duty payable on the transaction by the purchaser will be provided by the conveyancer attending to the transfer on the statement of account. This includes all costs payable by the purchaser on the transaction, these amounts need to be paid by the purchaser into the trust account of the conveyancing attorney.

8 As soon as the rates clearance certificate, levy clearance certificate(if applicable), the transfer duty receipt and guarantees are in place, the transaction will be ready for lodgement at the relevant deeds office.

9It takes up to 7 to 10 working days for registration into the name of the purchaser from the date of lodgement at the deeds office.

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