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BondBuddy is a powerful ‘home purchasing’ service that gives you the best possible chance of getting your home loan approved, guaranteed. We give you absolutely everything you need to get you into your new home as fast as possible. When applying through us, you get instant access to the best rates from all major banks, attorneys, and insurance deals.

  • I Need a Pre-ApprovalI’m still looking for a home and want to see how much I qualify for
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    Get a pre-approval within hours

    Find out how much you qualify for

    Access all major banks and get lowest rates

    Discounted rates on bond transfer costs

  • Already Found a Home, Now I Need ApprovalI’ve found the home I’d like to buy and now I need to arrange my home loan
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    Get a pre-approval within hours

    Lowest rates

    Access all major banks

    High approval rate

Who we can help

  • First Time Buyer

    First Time Buyer

    Buying a home for the first time is stressful. We provide absolutely everything you need to get your purchase completed as quickly and effortlessly as possible at highly competitive rates. You’ll also save on reduced transfer costs when arranging your finance through us. All you need to do is find your home!

  • Moving Home

    Moving Home

    Getting a new home loan arranged at the best rate can be a lengthy process. Our experts know exactly how to get you the best deal in the fastest possible time. Make big savings and pay lower transfer fees if you choose to use our conveyancing attorneys.

  • Building Loan

    Building Loan

    Securing extra finance to build a new home, or extend your existing home can be challenging. We know exactly how to secure these funds to get your project moving.

What we do

Application Process

Why Work With Bondbuddy?

  • Boost Your Chances Of Approval

    Boost Your Chances Of Approval

    We’ve got the market covered. With our knowledge and expertise, we know exactly how to work your application to get the results you want, fast.

  • FREE And Easy Service

    FREE And Easy Service

    Buying a house is expensive. We won’t charge you a single cent – our top class service to you is absolutely free, and comes with a smile!

  • Access All Major Banks

    Access All Major Banks

    Your chances of approval are high. We use all major banks to source the very best product and rate for you. Apply once with us and access multiple banks with a range of products.

  • Insurance Products

    Access To Many Different Home Loan and Insurance Products

    We make the entire application process easy. We’ll get you all the products and services you need to help you move into your new home with the best finance and insurance package in the market.

  • Receive The Best Rates

    Receive The Best Rates

    We’ve got the power to get you the best rates in the market.

  • Get Access To Your Latest Credit Report

    Get Access To Your Latest Credit Report

    Obtain your latest credit score to check if you’re likely to qualify for finance.

  • Property Transfer Fees

    Make Huge Savings On Your Property Transfer Fees

    We’ve got excusive arrangements with top Conveyancing Attorneys.

  • Service

    Service You Can Rely On

    We work hard to give you the very best service from the moment you apply, right through to you taking ownership of your new home, and beyond...

  • Experts

    We’re Experts!

    We know our stuff, we’ve been in the game for a long time, which means you’re guaranteed to get much better results with us than what you would get with any other bank or broker.

  • Personal Advisor

    Your Own Personal Advisor

    Our relationship with you is extremely important to us. We assign you with your very own personal advisor right from the moment you apply. You’re in safe hands with us...

What’s BondBuddy’s Service Like?

  • Personal Bond Expert

    Personal Bond Expert

    Get your very own personal bond expert to provide top class advice and service, every single step of the way.

  • Wide Range of Products

    Wide Range of Products

    We search the market to find you the very best rate, with the best possible terms.

  • Processing Time

    Rapid Response and Processing Time

    We work hard to get you the results you need, fast.

  • High Approval Rate

    High Approval Rate

    You’ve got the best chance of getting your loan approved with us, guaranteed.

  • Market Intelligence

    Market Intelligence

    We know our stuff, we’ve been in the game for longer than you can imagine.

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